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Structural Reports 

Following a structural assessment, our Engineers can provide a variety of reports, from Building Condition Reports to Construction Sign-Off Reports. See below for our exhaustive list of Reports we offer.

Structural Assessment Reports
Building Condition Assessment Reports
Field Review Reports
Structural Failure Investigation Reports
Seismic Evaluation Reports
Foundation Assessment Reports
Building Permit Plans
As-Built Drawings and Reports.

Field Review Reports
Field Review Report.jpg

Field Review Reports can provide precise on-site structural evaluations, ensuring safety and compliance for your construction projects. We can produce singular review reports, or a series of reports covering a building's construction, starting with a foundation report.

See below for a sample Field Review report.

Seismic Evalutaion Reports

Seismic Evaluation Reports offer thorough assessments of structural vulnerabilities to seismic activity. We can analyze risks and recommend resilient solutions, ensuring your structures withstand seismic challenges.


See below for a sample report.

Seismic Evaluation Report_Page_1.jpg
Building Condition Reports
Building Condition Report.jpg

Our Building Condition Reports offer in-depth analyses of structural health, identifying issues and recommending solutions. These reports can provide insights useful for maintenance, renovation, or real estate decisions.

See below for a sample report.

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