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ottawa structural engineering

ottawa structural engineering

ottawa structural engineering

ottawa structural engineering

ottawa structural engineering

Our Services

We provide structural analysis and design for
commercial and industrial developments, connections, platforms, stairs, ladders, railings and access scaffolding,
renovations, additions, and pre-engineered building
foundation design.

Technical Drawings

Our technical drawings are essential for
communicating ideas within the industry. It is a
universal visual language that uses symbols, units of
measurement, notation systems, and page layouts to communicate clear and precise ideas.

3D Modeling

We can create, render, and use 3D models to not only
better visualize the final product, but to ensure that all new members fit perfectly with any existing structure or equipment. Once a model is created, we can produce any type of drawing or file that is needed for a design or

Shop Detailing

Structural steel detailing and erection drawings are
prepared to facilitate the manufacturing and
erection process for each element within a structure. We can produce single part drawings, assembly drawings, stairs & railings, erection drawings, and ladders.



By offering essential structural design and detailing services under a single roof, we save our clients the coordination costs associated with using multiple firms for the same services.


With over 31 years of business, we have gained a thorough understanding of the challenges behind structural projects, and have developed the tools needed to overcome them. Those same tools are
used to complete our clients’ projects under budget and ahead of schedule


Using the most up-to-date technologies and work methods available allows us to get the job done with incredible accuracy, efficiency, and quality.


Contact Us

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