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Shop Detailing (also known as Shop Drawings or Shop Details) are detailed drawings created to illustrate how specific components of a project will be manufactured, assembled, and installed.

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Shop drawings provide a comprehensive and precise representation of the design intent and serve as a guide for production and construction teams.

Our Process

  • Upon receiving architectural and structural drawings, a free quote is created and is sent for signature. When the quote is signed and returned, the project is initiated.

  • We start by creating a 3D model based off the provided drawings.

  • Once the model is created, approval drawings are produced and are sent to be approved.

  • When the drawings are approved, a comprehensive shop package is produced. The package consists of assembly drawings, part drawings, erection drawings, part and bolt lists, nc/dxf/kiss files, etc.

  • At each step of the process, before supplying either approval drawings or package, an internal checking is performed to ensure that the supplied material is in accordance with the outlined requirements.

Our shop drawings facilitate seamless communication between the design and construction phases, ensuring that every element is executed with the utmost precision.

File Types

We can export our finished drawings to various file types for all your fabrication needs.

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