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We can quickly and accurately produce Take-Off Estimates for small to large scale steel structures using your Architectural drawings. The key to our speed and accuracy is Tekla EPS software, which allows for fast auto-calculation of material parameters.


Additionally, by using EPS for our Estimates we can instantly produce a variety of reports, from Material Take-Off repots to Size Summary reports.

Material Take-Off Reports
467-64_Sanikiluaq Bldg_Nunavut_Structural Material Take-Off_Page_1.jpg

We can produce Material Take-Off reports that list the quantity, size, grade, category and weight of materials needed for your construction project.

See below for a sample report.

Size Summary Reports

We can also provide a Size Summary report, which conveniently brings together useful information from other reports into a single report.


See below for a sample report.

Size Summary.jpg

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