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The practice of choosing or confirming building parts (materials, shapes & sizes), and deciding how they connect to each other to ensure the structure can stand on its own, support various weights, and withstand environmental forces like wind, snow, & earthquakes.

Our Process

Preliminary Design Sketches

The design process usually starts with preliminary drawings (either a rough sketch or architectural plans). 

Most of the time the preliminary plans are given to us, but occasionally we travel to site and do up our own sketches.

Rough design sketch
polished design sketch
Calculating loads

With the preliminary drawings in hand, our Structural Design Engineers determine whether the preliminary plans are feasible or not. This is determined by calculating various loads. Our Engineers use a combination of software and hand written techniques to perform the required calculations.

Calculating existing reactions
Calculating roof snow load
Culminating calculations by hand
Final Structural Drawings

Once the calculations have been completed, our Structural Design Engineers produce construction drawings, which are used to instruct the builder what pieces to use, where to put them, and how to connect them together.

924-1_Embrun Chrysler_Tender_Sept-21-2022 (edited).jpg
We offer Structural Design solutions for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential structures.

Retail stores, restaurants, cafes, parking structures, sports facilities, medical centers, office buildings

Interior Modifications/additions

  • Wall removals/additions

  • Partitions additions

  • Beam, column, and/or post relocation

  • Additional floors/storeys

  • Mezzanines

  • Stairs and Railings

  • Suspended ceilings

Exterior Modifications/additions

  • Building Envelope

  • Siding

  • Extensions/Add-ons

  • Decks and Patios

  • Stairs and Railings

  • Scaffolding

  • Solar panels

Structural Damages/Repairs

  • Foundation cracks

  • Damaged Supports

New Build

  • After you have consulted with an Architect, we can produce structural designs and drawings for the entire building

  • Along the way, we can sign-off on the construction, to ensure the construction mirrors the structural design and drawings.



Structural Analysis & Design
  • Pre-Engineered Building Foundation Design

Steel Stud Design
  • Load/Wind Bearing Walls

  • Seismic Design

Building Envelope Design
  • Envelope Structural Support System

  • Installation Details

  • Solar Panel Installation - Structural Analysis

  • Code Compliance - Fall Protection System design, Guard/Hand railings, Ladders and stairs

  • Mining Structures - Conveyor galleries, ore bins, support frames and platforms

  • Farming Structures - Barns, garages, silage storage buildings, manure ponds and tanks

  • Parking Garage Repairs - Ledger beams, deck re-design, bearing pads, drainage remediation, slabs and columns.

  • Electron Irradiation Facilities - Concrete shielding for electron accelerator, support framework and fireproof vaults

To facilitate in the design process, our Engineers use structural design software such as

S-Frame and Meca.

Ottawa Structural Engineering

4D structural modeling and analysis management is another application used at Leekor.
S-Frame analysis compatibilities are integral in facilitating the design in various structure designs.

Ottawa Structural Engineering

MecaStack software is used for designing self-supported and guywire supported steel stacks.

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