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Solar Panel Installation Design

Solar Panels

Solar Panels can be mounted on just about anything. Our team can design a custom solution for your solar panel mounting problem and produce drawings for your installation specialists.

Project Spotlight
Sun-Tracking Solar Panel System

With the collaboration of Thomas Cavanagh Construction Ltd, we helped design an intricate swiveling solar panel system which follows the sun to capture as much sunlight as possible. To see the design in action, play the video above.

Solar Panel Installation Reports

Structural Review Report
Sample Struct Review Report (Ballasted).jpg

Our Engineers can perform a structural review of an existing roof to determine if it is capable of supporting the additional loads imposed by a solar panel installation. 

Solar Panels on Trees
Structural Sign-Off Review Report

After a Solar Panel installation

has been completed, our Engineers

can review the installation and confirm whether the installation was done

in accordance with the structural drawings or not. 

Sample Sign-Off Report_Page_1.jpg

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