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Leekor offers a wide range of Structural Engineering & Detailing services.

Discover what Leekor can do, below.

Concrete Structure

Structural Assessments

Our Structural Engineers can perform an in-person or virtual assessment and provide feedback on what needs to be done.​


3D Modeling / B.I.M.

We create, render, and use 3D models to not only better visualize the final product, but to ensure that all new members fit perfectly with any existing structure or equipment.

Take-Off Estimates

We can quickly and accurately produce Take-Off Estimates for small to large scale steel structures using your Architectural drawings

Business Supplies Design

Structural Reports

Following a structural assessment, our Engineers can provide a variety of reports, from  Building Condition Reports to Construction Sign-Off Reports.

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Erection Drawings

Erection drawings provide detailed instructions for the safe and efficient assembly of steel structures. Using the latest technology and software, we produce accurate and detailed drawings that ensure precise fabrication and assembly.

Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation

Our Engineers can assess your roof for qualification of Solar Panels Installation, and provide structural designs, drawings, and reports.


Structural Design & Drawings

No matter the stage or complexity of your project, our Engineers can produce a custom Structural Design that works for you. Once the design is in place, we can produce drawings for construction.

Shop Detiling for Steel Fabs_edited.jpg

Shop Detail Drawings

Our shop detail drawing services provide essential support for steel fabrication and construction projects. Our experienced detailing team tailor your shop detail drawings to meet the unique requirements of each project.

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While we can't physically alter your structure, we can connect you to a number of exceptional people who we know have what it takes to get the job done.

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