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We create, render, and use 3D models to not only better visualize the final product, but to ensure that all new members fit perfectly with any existing structure or equipment. 3D modeling also helps us design connections and components in a fast and concise manner. 

Our Capabilities

Over our 30+ years of experience we have modeled hundreds of structures. Some big, some small, some simple, and some complex. Stairs, railings, ladders, platforms, multi-storey buildings, and more.


No matter the shape or size, we are here to turn your designs into reality.

Below is a sample of some of the models we have produced. 

Complex Structure (New).jpg

Complex Structures

simple structure.jpg

Simple Structures


Commercial Structures


Industrial Structures


Residential Structures




Stairs & Railings

Mezzanine, Railings, Ladder & existing.jpg

Mezzanines, Railings, & Ladders

Ottawa Structural Engineering

Our prefered tool for 3D modeling is Tekla Structures. Tekla enables us to easily import 2D or 3D CAD Files from Architectural or Engineering drawings

 Need drawings?

Once a model is created or imported, we can produce detailed drawings such as Erection drawings and shop details.

Erection Drawings

Industrial Structure.jpg

Shop Detail Drawings

Shop Detiling for Steel Fabs.jpg

Ready to work with us?

Tell us about your project and we will get back to you with a free quote as soon as possible.

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